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2016-01-27 17:35:53

Since 25th january I'm not seeing my seti@home points added to my total.

On the s@h site I can see I have about 4000 points more than here.

David Duvall
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2016-01-27 17:57:15

Same here - no SETI updates for a couple of days. Not a big deal - just a tiny issue. I verified on the SETI website that I am returning valid results but, they aren't making it to boinstats. Again, not really a big deal.
[BOINCstats] Willy
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2016-01-27 18:45:34

You both have the exact same number of credits in the latest XML export as here on the site so it's not a BOINCstats problem.
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Tuna Ertemalp
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2016-01-28 04:57:54

SETI@Home suffered a database/server crash 9:15pm Sun Jan 24, California time. They recovered mid Monday, then had their weekly Tue maintenance, but maybe something is still wrong with their XML reporting. You should ask on their forum.


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