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BAM!ID: 201102
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2016-02-09 23:13:15

To whom it may concern,

My current user ID is 201102 and I just start to use boincstats last night and I found that on my detailed stats page, it shows "User ID doesn't exist in BOINC combined or doesn't have any credit". Actually I have some credits in Seti@home since last night. And when I either generate the signature picture using or I check for my detailed work using, they both points to another user Raoul Duke. So can I ask if you have any way to solve this problem? Thank you very much!

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2016-02-10 03:01:37

Is this you?

The "My detailed stats" link only works for users of BAM, the account manager; it won't be able to associate your stats with your user account unless you have projects attached to it. If you're just looking for the stats and are not interested in the account manager functions, you can use the search box under the BOINCstats logo.
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