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2016-03-18 19:14:02
last modified: 2016-03-18 19:14:28

Almost didn't write this at all, but what the heck. Something I noticed recently for my profile, that doesn't really irk me...

For some time, and as still indicated in my Main Account Page, I've been listed as United States. The "My Detailed Stats" page reflected that as well, and the relevant country stats.

In the last couple days however, the detailed stats page lists me as resident of country International, with those relevant stats.

I'm okay with either, but would like to understand so that if something I have done, I can undo that.

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2016-03-19 08:24:23
last modified: 2016-03-19 08:25:04

I opened all your project detailed stats pages and counted the countries you are a resident of:
International: ............
US: ...........

And that's why you are a resident of International in combined stats.
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