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2016-05-24 10:37:52
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Hi there.
What is called OS X version within the stats really is the Darwin version. explains about this unixoid base on which OS X is built.
Boinc happens to ask for the info about Darwin, not OS X.
So, OS X should be exchanged to Darwin, or instead the proper OS X version should be deduced from the Darwin version.

Originally I wanted to point out that the OS X version numbers are incorrect, but after investigating on the projects' pages I realised it's just the naming which is messed up in BOINCstats.

Thanks for considering this.
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2016-05-29 08:10:31

I looked into this and you may be correct about this. However, the OS information is gathered by the BOINC client software, send to the projects, and then propagated from the projects to BOINCstats. If you want this to change you'll have to take it up with the BOINC devs.
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