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2017-06-10 15:49:46

What if a user statistic is exported by the project, but those records cannot be found here, for days on end?

For the past week I have been trying to find details of a user who reported false statistics at Seti@Home, him saying his host went overnight from 450,000 credit to over 7,000,000, so the first thing I tried to do a day later was look him up and see what his statistics here said. Searching on his name, that I copied from the website, I then got Your search - marsinph - did not match anything. That's still the answer I get to this day.

However, Seti is exporting this user's credentials:

So where do his statistics go to once they get here?
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2017-06-10 16:34:58

This is him.. He does not use the same username everywhere, the other name was chosen for his combined stats on which the search is performed.
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