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2019-04-27 04:29:05

Hi all,

I am new to the forums so I'd like to apologize in advance for if I post this in the incorrect location, but this seemed like the closest to what my problem is. My profile's country is scored under international, even though I live in the USA. I assume this country resolver is based on IP, and for whatever reason, it determined my profile to be "international". Is there any way to manually or otherwise switch it so that I am considered USA?

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2019-04-29 08:14:38


If you click on 'Main account page' in the menus on the left, you can edit your country settings there.

However, I have seen when I've added a project using BAM that the project account gets created as 'International' and I have to change it in the specific project's settings on their site. I must add though, that it is a long time since I've added a project using BAM, so possibly this issue is sorted.

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