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2006-07-23 22:05:46

Inconsistency in country name and number of participants.
In the users world map flash thingy.

BOINC combined shows name as: Dem. People's Rep. of Korea; users: 4

Einstein at home shows name as: Korea, North; user: 2

Seti at home shows name as: Korea, North; users: 8

There may be more. I didn't look for all of the projects. Wanted to save bandwidth.

I think only one of the names should be used. Don't know which one.
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2006-07-24 04:48:39

Don't know which one.

Me neither. I thought I had this right.

One of the problems is that the projects are not consistant in this. Their exports use different names for the same countries in some cases.
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2006-07-24 14:20:46
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Living in Korea atm... (South Korea... for the next 3 days)

North Korea is the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.
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