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2023-05-02 03:26:52

I typically prefer the classic version of the site as I find it much more user friendly. However, I noticed today that multiple pages give me an http error 500. It isn't ever page but most of the useful ones. Is anyone else having this issue? Off the top of my head I have it on My detailed stats Projects List tab, and multiple BAM menu items. I have tested multiple PC's and multiple Chromium based browsers.
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2023-05-02 06:14:45

Willy announced several days ago that the classic pages would not be supported anymore...

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2023-05-02 14:31:19

Thanks you for posting. I did not see that thread. I will post there. It is a shame as classic site is by far superior to the new site.
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2023-05-03 05:38:02

Shutting down the classic pages in June should not be a reason for problems in Mai.
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2023-05-04 12:45:49

I have stated quite some time ago I would no longer fix issues with the classic version. A few weeks ago there was a security update for the web server software used by BOINCstats which broke backwards compatibility. Some pages required a fix for that. I fixed those for the current version, not for classic.

I still will not fix them for the classic version.

The reason I chose to retire classic is because there have been requests for some time to allow for separate passwords per project. Also the hashes used to log in to BOINCstats are quite old (based on what BOINC uses) and they need to be upgraded. This requires a major rewrite and I plan to start with that after my vacation this month. After the changes classic will even have more issues which won't be fixed.

if you think some pages could be better in the current version then post suggestions how to change them.
Please do not PM, IM or email me for support (they will go unread/ignored). Use the forum for support.
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