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Atanu Maulik
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2006-11-04 14:47:34

I have found that the credits I have received from LHC@Home in the past week has not been added while calculating combined credit for BOINC. It seems that those managing BOINC STATS have stopped taking account of LHC@Home credits. Why is this so ?
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2006-11-04 14:53:42

Because LHC doesn't export stats files for weeks.
(it is not to blame BOINC Stats nor other Stats sites but LHC).

See LHC@Home no statistics for example...
[BOINCstats] Willy
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2006-11-04 16:36:54

There is already a thread about this (and after that thread started, many others were opened on the same topic). Please follow posting guidelines, and use the search before posting!
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