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2006-12-13 10:32:52
last modified: 2006-12-13 10:37:58

When on some listing you want to compare 2 users, it gives 2 errors:
I would like to give the URL, but when you do you will not see the error, in stead I will give 'instructions'
Go to your own 'My detailed stats', click on your 'Boinc World postion' check your own entry (to compare) and one nearby and click 'compare'

I would expect 2 graphs ... but you get 2 error 'graphs'

Anything you can do about it?
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2006-12-13 13:48:48

Works with no issue for me (i've selected 3 users and got graphs with 3 lines).

2006-12-14 18:09:07

Well, still doesn't work for me ...
SO I started thinking, what has changed recently, I switched laptops and am using IE 7 now ...
When I looked on another system using Firefox, it worked fine.
So it must be an IE 7 issue.

Thanks for trying ...
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2006-12-16 16:36:18

I have the same problem already for several months. It started when I upgraded to IE7, since that time I'm not able to see comparison graphs any more, I get a JpGraph error.
So it looks to be an IE7 issue indeed. :-)

[BOINCstats] Willy
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2006-12-31 15:07:23

Fixed this "problem", IE7 handles some characters in URL's different from IE6, FF and Opera (thus, Microsoft made sure everything was 100% compatible again..... NOT!).

To fix it I had to change the structure of the URL for the images, which means that if you have linked one somewhere, it won't work anymore. Sorry for that.
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2007-01-06 13:45:14

Ah, I already was wondering why I suddenly could see all the graphs again. :-)

Thank you for the effort Willy !
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