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2007-06-19 21:41:49

I checked my stats. this evening, as always. I noticed something rather strange, though. On my Boinc client, I've credit for 66.5 SETI and 33.5 Rosetta, which added together make 100 creds. if my math is correct. These 100 creds. appear on Boincstats as 100 creds. QMC@Home, a project which I tried out once, got 26 creds. and then detached from, never to try again, as it started giving me 2-300 hour w.u. s to crunch.
As you can see from my sig. my QMC credit is now 126.
Is this a bug, or am I just being paranoid?
This is the first time I've used this Forum, so if I've made any errors ( having read your rules) I apologize in advance.
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2007-06-20 02:28:37

I'm do not think it is a BS/BAM! bug. I think it is something at QMC because I have not crunched for them for a few weeks now for the same reason. But, I have noticed I have received 100 credits this time as well as a couple weeks ago. At that time I thought it was a slow credit, but now I'm starting to think it's something else.

Anybody else?
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2007-06-20 04:35:32

QMC had some very low credits in the beginning of the implementation of fixed credits. They always said they would grant the difference once everything is settled and they have the time for it, they started with it some days ago. I recieved 400 for a low credit WU I crunched in February.
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