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2005-03-24 13:11:40

Not sure what changed have been made to the site late but I'm having trouble linking to my stats page.

[url=' target='_blank][/url]

So then I do a search for Sqiz instead and go to the detailed status page
[url=' target='_blank][/url]

Well thats okay because now I can jump to my position in my team (which is what I was looking for in the first place)
[url=' target='_blank][/url]

BUT, if I then use the arrows at the bottom of that page to move through my team I suddenly find myself looking at the entire seti@home user base - not my team.
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2005-03-24 18:27:14

I think it's a result of the new IP not propagating out yet. Notice that gets redirected to an IP address?

If you replace in your shortcut with that IP address, then the search for your own stats works.

(Or, wait for all the DNS stuff to change.)
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2005-03-24 18:54:43

Sqiz is (was) right. I forgot a '=' sign somewhere.

Fixed and thanks!
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