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2008-10-12 21:49:48


I have negative numbers for one of my PCs that crunced nanohive@home (-31K).

Is this systematic problem ir is it just me? Can someone look at it?

Thank you,
Gundolf Jahn
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2008-10-12 22:35:36

I don't know about your problem, but your signature should read:


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[BOINCstats] Willy
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2008-10-13 05:06:12

From Forums : Retired projects : Nano-hive @home:
When a project is retired it's credit is no longer updated for the hosts. It is for users, teams and countries.

The host table is already really really (really really) big and the host update takes over 6 hours. Therefor hosts stats are somewhat limited compared to the other stats. Another reason is that hosts change their CPID more ofter and after a while there are hosts in the stats from retired projects which are long dead, but still there. So, in all my wisdom (cough cough) I have decided not to include retired projects in the BOINC combined stats.
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2008-10-16 03:33:07

Thank you Gundolf - fixed it!

Willy - thank you for the answer, but would it be wiser to leave at least total intact (just not update retired projects anymore)? Just a suggestion...
Now I have my pc underrated. But it is good that total stats are still intact
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2008-10-27 18:42:10

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2008-10-27 18:59:35
last modified: 2008-10-27 19:03:05

Willy, I support drugelis suggestion of leaving the totals for the retired projects intact, I couldn't care less for the host-records on those projects, but the " clean-up" just set me back 100,625.60 points

never mind, I just read this post
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