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2005-08-29 08:00:52


Just a quick feedback for you.

In the team "UK BOINC Team" we have several team members who crunch for two (or more) teams.

And in both/all the teams that these cruinchers support, the exact same credits are shown for that cruncher.

So, do I assume then that the BOINCStats "Team Totals" is actually showing *only* the credits that that cruncher supplied for that single team, or does it include the *total* credits from that user (irresepective of which team the member crunches WU data for).


(Position, then Member name, then credits)

From Member stats (for "UK BOINC Team&quot
3 Dave Irish / Dave Edmund 256,224

From Member stats (for "United Kingdom" team)
10 Dave Irish / Dave Edmund 256,224

So, are these same credits counted twice????

Surely the team stats should only show the credits crunched and granted for that specific team??

regards and keep up the good work.


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2005-08-29 08:53:22
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Credits are not transferable between teams.

If a team member leaves team A to join team B, the credits he earned while in team A stay with team A. the new credits he earns while with team B start from 0, so to speak.

The team member’s credits will always increase, as their own credits increase. However, because he was a one time member of the team, his name will always be there.

If a team member, crunches for 2 or more different projects, and is a member of different teams, both team A and team B will receive credits. While the crunchers credits also increase.

There is no method of showing at present, how many credits a cruncher has earned for his team.

I'm sure somebody will correct me on this.

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2005-08-29 11:10:43


It's a pitty you haven't read the [url=' target='_blank]Bug submit guidelines![/url].

Then you would've come accross:
1: Be sure to read the F.A.Q. and/or search the forum before posting a new bug.

4: Provide a URL to the page on BOINCstats where you found the bug.

Guideline 1 could've shown you this page:

[url=' target='_blank][/url]

It explains what's the deal with the BOINC team stats. It's not that simple to only show the credit you have for that particular team. Maybe I'll fix this in the future, when I have a.) more time, b.) a faster server c.) have a better idea on how to solve this.
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