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2011-06-12 11:01:08
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I am aware of the differences between BStats RAC, and Project reported "RAC". Not the end of life on Planet Earth .... but there appears to be a glitch somewhere, as Project BStats RAC appears to be undereported.

I dont usually use a signature block, but was idly browsing through the BOINCStat offerings, and noticed a very low reported BStat RAC for Moo!Wrapper in the example generated signature block. I flipped over to Moo!Wrapper to have a look. Sure enough, very low, pretty well 40% of Project Reported RAC - even taking account of the differences in calculation methods, thats way low.

Looked at the Moo!Wrapper RAC graph for me on my stats page for Moo!Wrapper, sure enough, the Graph reported BStats RAC red line is significantly higher, nigh on 1m not just over 500,000 thats shown in the text at the top of the page.

I then looked at my overall detailed stats page, and the BStats RAC is around 980.000 with the Project Reported summary around 1.3m, thats a lot closer, but still a bit low. It would be explained if the BStats RAC calculated at Project level is in fact wrong, resulting in a similarly, if not as pronounced error at the overall summary level.

Bottom line ...... looking like the BStats Project RAC level is incorrect, and even if its not, the graph at Project level (use my Moo!wrapper page as example) whilst appearing correct, does reflect the low text total for BStats at top of page.

Moo!Wrapper Stats Page for Zydor

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