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2013-07-03 23:39:38

I've noticed this before but attributed it to the late hour and sleepy eyes, but now I'm wide awake For instance, going to the forums shows a last post of 1 day for Comments and Suggestions forum but looks like the last post was really 10 days ago. All of the options for sorting (most recent reply, most recent created, etc.) still does not bring up any post than is 1 day ago.
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2013-07-04 03:23:43

The time is not wrong just misleading. There was a new post in the Comments and Suggestions forum that was moderated in some way (deleted, moved to a more appropriate forum, etc.) but the last post logic doesn't get updated when this happens.
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2013-07-04 03:27:39
last modified: 2013-07-04 03:28:08

I have seen the same thing... several times in last few days, most likely moderator(s) or Willy moved the post(s) to other topic categories on the board more relevant to what was being asked or the post(s)were removed

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