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2014-04-06 12:46:11


I've been trying to change my email address for the last couple days now with no luck.
I change my email in the account settings on boincstats with the correct password and a popup says that the changes will go into effect once i verify my email address, but this email never shows up.

Is there any way an admin can private message me or force-push the email change?

I've tried getting around this issue by just creating a new account with the new email, but the site has locked the email address to my account already : /

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2014-04-06 13:27:11

Changed the registration/user update/password recovery code yesterday and there was a "small" error with changing the email address, the new address not correctly used to send a confirmation email. That is now fixed.
Please do not PM, IM or email me for support (they will go unread/ignored). Use the forum for support.
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