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2015-05-20 01:02:40

I'm wondering about a few things and I'm not sure of the answers, so maybe you knowledgeable folks can clear it for me...

I have some split BOINC accounts. I'm going to be recovering the info for the older accounts and I want to use those to sync to the CPID as I have more credit on them. (I already detached them so I could attach BAM to the project accounts I want later.) Will the BOINC system allow me to have to two accounts with the same e-mail or is it going to complain unhappily (I suppose one might enjoy complaining, so they would happily complain... but I digress)?

If that wouldn't work (I have a feeling it might not) then is there a way for the secondary accounts be included in the stats and if so, what would the best way to go about that?

Thanks for the feedback.
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2015-05-20 02:58:44

If you have two accounts at a project then you will see two accounts here. BOINCstats uses the data the projects provide.

To solve your problem you would need to get the accounts combined at the project. From what I recall most projects are not willing to do this because it requires messy, manual database work.
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