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2016-10-18 06:22:32

I recently bought a new computer. It is an i7 w/ 10 cores. I have installed boinc and attached seti@home, einstien@home, climatePrediction@home and sztaki@home.
The computer is listed on all 4 of the @home sites. It has created plenty of credit over the last week or so on each project.

I also figured out how to get GPUs to work on the new computer and two older ones. Probably unrelated but is a second change I did at the same time.

This new computer is not showing up on BoincStats. I figure it has been long enough that is should show up by now.

I do have several old hosts that I no longer use. I have accumulated 26 hosts. 27 if you count the one that is not showing up.

How long can it take for a host to show up?
Is there a limit to the number of hosts that will be listed for me?

It has been awhile, but I thought new hosts showed up on boincstats pretty quick.

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2016-10-20 02:35:58

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