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2016-11-23 17:37:44

Hi, I noticed that SETI@home stats are not being updated in Boinc stats page for a few days. I checked directly on SETI@home page and there, the credits are being computed as usual.
Does anybody know about it?

Thx, Juloca.
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2016-11-23 19:20:04
last modified: 2016-11-23 19:24:06

SETI has been having HARDWARE PROBLEMS on and off for about 2 weeks. The SERVER Carolyn, which runs the replica database and STATS EXPORT has been off line. It appears to be on line as of this post, but time will tell how long it stays on line.

Once the SETI replica database is back on line and able to process the backlog, your points will automatically be updated within 24 hours or so at ALL the STATS sites.

It is ALWAYS BEST to check the Number Crunching or News Forums of the project(s) in question before posting here at BoincStats to see if there is any news/post about problem(s). Also check the various forums here at BoincStats to see if one (or more) people have posted and/or replied about the SAME issue.

There has been several posts (2 topics/treads) here at BoincStats regarding EXACTLY this issue see:

Daily Work Not Posting
difference in credit shown in BOINCStats and BOINC Manager - SETI@Home Beta

and at SETI@home: Credit for Work Completed Not Posting to Account
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