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2016-12-09 23:09:44

I'm doing a study of energy usage per credits for my computer and thought about using my Boinc Stats for it.
I left my computer crunching for a weekend (and some hours before and after it), didn't touch it, but when I came to see the results in the chart they were a bit different than what I expected:

The weekend was 3/dec and 4/dec.
I expected to see bigger bars on the weekend and lower bars or zeroes the other days. Can someone help me understand what's going on?

I think it can be related to time zone, I live in New Zealand which is UTC+13, but the zero between two days is strange. I have a single computer contributing 100% to World Community Grid, and here is the history from the WCG page:

These results doesn't look 100% proporcional to the charts, is it possible that they are generated independently and on different time zones?

Is there a better way for me to check how many credits were generated in a period of time?
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