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2018-02-19 15:06:59
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I suspect I know the answer but I am concerned why it took so long to remove the credit.
Here is the host "last 40 days". You can see the drop occurred over a 3 day period.

I am guessing this occurred because of a "merge" I did on the project, GPUGRID, earlier. This system was originally a core 2 duo and vista and I upgraded (not all at once) both the cpu and the operating system to X5470 and "10". After a while I did a merge and the points got added to the new system that had the same name. Could it have taken a couple of months for the points to get subtracted from the "old" systems? This is just a guess, maybe there is something else going on. Sometimes the "merge" command fails because the system are too different or because I inadvertently booted the new system with its old disk drive and for a few minutes was running the older boinc which compromises the merge.

Anyway, I am concerned about this fluctuation because I am planning on returning my 14 systems back to BAM!. I took them off of BAM! in mid december to mine for GRC coins at grcpool. I now have enough coins to mine on my own so I will be returning to BAM!. What puzzles me is none of these projects have been active since mid December yet I see a huge drop in credit over several days around Feb 9.

Since these systems are essentially inactive, one would expect not to see any change in credit other than RAC.

How is this happening?

Thanks for looking!

[EDIT] Change was 111 mil, not 130 mil
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