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2018-11-16 07:56:54

I'd like a way to schedule the % of processors used and % of CPU time used so that I can crank them up at night when the computers can be loud and I won't be using them. Is that... possible? Right now most of them are set at 75% of the processors and 50% time and that still allows me to use the computers, but I'd love to have them crunch more at night.
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2018-12-01 14:27:44

You could try to use the Rules-set of the Program BoincTasks,
Or use Boinccmd in 2 daily scheduled tasks to switch between auto and always, check
boinccmd --set_run_mode {always | auto | never} [ duration ]
Set run mode.
always: do CPU work always
auto: do work only when allowed by preferences
never: don't do work

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