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2019-01-29 03:34:03

Hello. Pretty new to BOINC Stats & BAM.
I moved 9 computers over from being individually managed to BAM.
Since doing so, I've had weird behavior by some of the machiens. They'll be fine for a week, and then all of a sudden some of all projects will detach from the computer.
If I go to "My Hosts", those hosts show checkmarks under "No New Work" and "Delayed Detach:.
The only way I can attach them again is by going to "My Projects" and selecting "attach all hosts" which is a bummer because I don't want to run all of my projects on all machines.

So I guess two questions.
1) Why are these machines detaching. 2 of them are headless rack units, so there is no one touching them. Another is a desktop, but I really doubt the user is going into Boinc Manager and detaching projects. They know about the install and like it and if they didn't, they would reach out to me.
2) How do I reattach a host on a projects by project basis. Trying to click attach or any of the other boxes on a a host's page doesn't do anything.

If I edit a group's project settings, i can tell the group to attach or detach, but the clients in that group seem to mostly ignore those settings.

Any thoughts? Sorry if this is something easy, but searches in the FAQ and the forums don't seem to bring up any hits.


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2019-02-03 14:30:32

Welcome to BOINC, BOINCstats and BAM! This thread should be in the BAM! part of the forum...

1. Looking at your host list: Could be a specific OSX-problem? I don't have those kind of hosts but a rights problem (read/write) on the BOINC-directory and it's files could be a problem. You should inspect the local logfiles for the messages related to BAM!, should look like this:
3-2-2019 14:31:10	Contacting account manager at	
3-2-2019 14:31:13 [unparsed_xml] ACCT_MGR_OP:: parse: unrecognized tag <version>
3-2-2019 14:31:13 [unparsed_xml] ACCT_MGR_OP:: parse: unrecognized tag <server>
3-2-2019 14:31:13 Account manager: BAM! User: xxx, XXXXX
3-2-2019 14:31:13 Account manager: BAM! Host: xxxx
3-2-2019 14:31:13 Account manager: Number of BAM! connections for this host: 50065
3-2-2019 14:31:13 Account manager contact succeeded
3-2-2019 14:31:13 General prefs: from (last modified 03-Aug-2016 21:09:14)
3-2-2019 14:31:13 Host location: none
3-2-2019 14:31:13 General prefs: using your defaults
3-2-2019 14:31:13 Reading preferences override file
3-2-2019 14:31:13 Preferences:
3-2-2019 14:31:13 max memory usage when active: 9807.33 MB
3-2-2019 14:31:13 max memory usage when idle: 11646.21 MB
3-2-2019 14:31:13 max disk usage: 489.74 GB
3-2-2019 14:31:13 max CPUs used: 3
3-2-2019 14:31:13 (to change preferences, visit a project web site or select Preferences in the Manager)

2. BAM! is not real time. Your hosts will pick up the changes you made using BAM! in the configured period at When you are at the host, you can use the BOINC Manager menu for pulling the latest settings from BAM!

3. At the host list you can micromanage each individual host.

You might want to take a look at BoincTasks, for managing multiple hosts from 1 central computer:
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