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2019-07-26 08:25:06

Hi all.
I'm looking for a bit of help here please.
All I am trying to do is to reliably restrict a twin GPU machine from running 2 particular jobs at the same time. It doesn't seem to react too well to doing so. The problem application is Prime AP27, and I just want to ensure that I only run one of them at a time and let the other GPU run Milky Way.
So I hunted around and found out about config_aux.xml which seems to be the answer to my problem. However it doesn't seem to matter where I put this file it seems to be being ignored and certainly doesn't get an honourable mention in the BAM Event Log. Do you need to restart BAM after a change or is it enough to just "Read Config Files"? Also I am unclear about what to put in as the <app_name> would this be as listed in BOINC Manager or the project's name for it.
Any help and perhaps a good example of a decent config_aux.xml would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks

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2019-08-11 08:53:39

The file is called app_config.xml.
It has to be located in your /boinc_folder/projects/project_folder/.
About the content I'm not too certain due to it being a GPU thing - I've only setup cpu-projects until now to adjust multi-threading.
You can try the following or ask on the PrimeGrid forums if it doesn't work.

I think these are the only important things.
If you're not on Windows you'll need to reinstall Boinc afterwards to adjust the properties, or set them manually.
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Greetings, Jens
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2019-08-11 09:57:41

Many thanks Jens, I had never noticed that you could to sub-project specific stuff in app_config.xml. You never stop learning.

I am guessing, due to the lack of any response with information about config_aux.xml that it is possibly a thing of the past. Funny that there is just enough documentation about it to get me trying to use it. Hopefully anyone else who tries it wills stumble over this thread and save themselves some time.

Anyway I am off again now thanks to you.

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