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Gresse Olivier
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2019-12-02 21:08:17


Any hint on the above?
- Same machine, 3 BAM Ids, no more credits
- Win10
- Boinc 7.16.3 and 7.14.2

Firewall preventing access to XML?

(all works fine on my other machine win7 based)

Thank you
Malcolm Beeson
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2019-12-22 16:27:36
last modified: 2019-12-22 16:29:10

Kinda the same problem. As you can see from this BAMStats "Hosts List" I have five mentions of the same machine, tomato, (the top kine is the current version of the machine), sync with BAMStats reports the correct amount of work in hand, but no scores appear for the work done even though the score is clearly shown in the 'boinc manager' graphs on the machine.
I've played with various versions of cc_config.xml and tried changing the CPID in the gui_etc..... file, nothing changes!
Some of the duplicate entries are me detaching and re-attaching to BAMStats, the first two were machine breakdowns.
I tried "Renew CPID" (with great trepidation) but nothing happened.
Can anybody help please?
Malcolm (ComputOurs)
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