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2020-02-01 20:01:06


Since a few days that I changed my computer. I reinstalled Boinc, with all the projects as with the old computer. Only here my hosts always tells me the stat to zero. Despite with daily synchronization. And that the calculations work 24 hours a day.
What can this come from ?? I don't know what happened.
Thank you for your answers.
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2020-02-02 08:31:17

Which projects are you running?

It could be the projects haven't exported stats to here in some days, or that you've got a split CPID. But a quick search for your username shows only one result.

CPDN for example only gives credits once per week (usually thursdays or fridays it seems).
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2020-02-02 12:54:12

I just reset my account this morning, and I've synchronized everything. Since everything seems to work I have not understood. Thank you for your response.
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