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2020-06-07 13:52:18

I've been away from BOINC and therefore BOINCstats for a long time, many years. My stored password in LastPass didn't work any more, so I went through the "Forgot Password" process. Got the temporary pw emailed to me, no problem, here I am, I'm in. But this new interface? I'm coming at it cold, and it is really foreign to me. The disappearing "hamburger" menu definitely takes some getting used to. The email cautioned me to change my pw ASAP, well yeah, it was emailed as plaintext. But going through the options under BAM, I can't find the gods-rotted password change option! Main Account Page? No. Account Preference? No. Settings? No. Profile? No. BOINCstats Settings? NO. Oh, wait, there's a search box! "Your search - change password - did not match anything." WTF?!

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2020-06-14 20:18:35

Did you manage to change the password?
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2020-06-15 01:47:00

This should work for you.
Sign in with your current temporary password then ...
Follow this link and click edit;
Mouse click in the password field, enter your password;
Mouse click in the 2nd password field to enter it again / to confirm:
Click the save button.

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2020-10-10 00:55:41

Yes, I want to know how do I change my BAM Password too?
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