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2021-03-30 20:42:01
last modified: 2021-03-30 20:44:53

In the past I frequently looked at my data on BOINCstats, both as an individual and a team member. I have not done so far a very long time.

Yesterday I found that I am no longer present on BOINCstats and my team, formerly around 50 members, is down to only three with me missing.

I discovered that for some reason my approval of data sharing with BOINCstats had been stopped. I restarted it. Perhaps it takes a day or two for this to take effect?
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2021-03-31 03:03:00

Clicking on your name to the left
and going to detailed project stats shows CPDN credit of 9,975,760.59 as of March 30, 2021.

Each of your teammates will also have to allow stats exporting on their accounts for those points to show up on the aggregate sites like this one.

Don't forget to opt-in for any other projects that are "GDPR compliant" you participate in.

Click this link for description and current list of projects on the list.

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