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2006-10-13 13:23:45

This has to be one of the most difficult programs I have ever set up...

OK.. I was going to install this ages ago after watching the BBC Climate Change thing, but I think the servers must have been bomb-barded or something because I couldn't connect to their site shortly after the TV program had finished. I was browsing SETI today which reminded me of the BBC Climate Change thingy and I noticed they used the same program (BOINC). So the plan was, to install BOINC, get the SETI project running and then add the BBC Climate Change too.

The SETI I have managed to set up and is working fine (Apart from the fact that it has decided to take up 100% of the recouces without asking me how much I would like to donate, but I can look into that later).

Now my problem is adding the BBC Climate Change project. I have added it via the site. Meaning, it is in my Project list. But for some reason I can't seem to add it to my BOINC Manager. When I set up SETI with BOINC, it asked for the URL etc.. How do I get it to ask me for the BBC Climate change URL etc??

Thanks in advance, John.
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2006-10-13 14:08:05

You have to meke things a bit more clear for me. Let me state how I understand your setup from your post:
What seems to be clear ist this:
1. You succesfully installed BOINC on your computer
2. You succesfully attached this to Seti locally

Now it's a bit muddy:
3. You created a BAM! account
4. You managed to create a BBC-account via this
5. You can't get your puter run BBC

If this is right, you should go to your host list, chose the host and check the right boxes in the attach column. Afterwards let the local BOINC syncronize with BAM!
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2006-10-14 02:24:37

I'll just chime in on the 100% thing.

BOINC is designed to do that. It takes the cycles that otherwise go to system idle processes (or the Mac/Linux equivalent).

On the upcoming 5.8.x core client release (which has no arrival date atm) you'll have the ability to tell BOINC I only want to use z%.

SOme of the projects have updated their server code which shows that option.

AFAIK, the only way I know how to limit CPU usage is to use a program like threadmaster.

I have no iea how it works and you'll have to google for the actual program.
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2006-10-18 18:52:10

I'll just chime in on the 100% thing.

BOINC is designed to do that. It takes the cycles that otherwise go to system idle processes (or the Mac/Linux equivalent).

Clarifying this a little further for our honered new user here, the 100% usage sounds bad but isn't for the following reason. If you look at Task Manager (assuming your puter is running Windows) and the Processes tab, you will see that the BOINC project is running very close to 100% in the CPU column. If you go under View and then choose Select Columns, place a check in the field called Base Priority. This will show which level of priority Windows assigns to the task. Most running processes will show Normal priority and a few Windows tasks will be High. The Boinc application is marked as Low priority during the install of the program.

All this means is that if your computer is sitting there with idle capacity doing its High and Normal tasks, it will then run Boinc in a low priority mode. Wiggle your mouse, type on your keyboard, etc. will now momentarily suspend Boinc as Windows does these higher level tasks. All these decsions are occuring in the background and truth be known, you will see very little difference in your computers performance with Boinc running.

As a disclaimer, I am not an IT guru or anything but believe the above explanation to be true based on my experience with running Boinc for several years.

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