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2005-04-18 10:25:21

Can someone help me figure out how to Queue up more work units? Thanks I read the manual but it doesnt seem to be that detailed...or I just missed it.
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2005-04-18 12:01:59

Hello Bishop,

for Seti go to the [url=' target='_blank]Global Preferences[/url] and change the value for
<span style='color:darkblue'>Connect to network about every
(determines size of work cache; maximum 10 days) </span>
tp something bigger then the default 0.1 days. Value is the same for all the other projects as well.

Cache is determined by:
- this value (i.e. timespan for cache)
- benchmark
- Time puter is on
- % of project timeslice (only 4.2x)

Beware of the deadlines, especially with 4.19!

And it's in there: :wink:
The (very good) manual for Boinc is the [url=' target='_blank]BOINC Powered Projects Documentation[/url] by Paul D. Buck and the [url=' target='_blank]FAQ therein[/url]?.
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2005-04-18 13:08:26

Try going to 1 day at first, unless you're on dial-up and need to cache more than that.

2005-04-18 17:14:16

Thank alot I have 5 in the queue!
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