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2009-08-05 11:19:56

Last week Milky way had a big problem and lost a lot of stats and they corrected it next day

so what this did was to give you a big minus credits when the problem was on and the following day you got a big credit.

In my case i had a minus of about 57,000 on the first day and a credit of about 59,000 the next day so my figures went up by 2000.

is there a way to remove the 59,000 from my best 5 days as this is well above my normal daily credit figure and was due to Milky ways problem?
Crystal Pellet
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2009-08-05 11:24:19

Go to My BAM menu - Submenu BOINCstats - Best Five Days - Magnify the MilkyWay project and delete the 59,000 credit day.

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