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[BOINCstats] Willy
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2012-05-06 09:44:23

Saenger wrote:

BOINCstats Willy wrote:
Looking for new translators! BOINCstats will soon be released with a new layout and a lot of languages which are now available will be removed because the translators are MIA.

If you want to translate BOINCstats then reply or send me a PM. I'll accept two translators per language.

Do I get this right, that nederlands, deutsch, español, suomi, svenskt and český are already manned, or do you need some backup there as well?

Dutch has two translators.
English, German, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish and Czech have reliable translators. It's up to them if they want backup. If somebody applies for these languages I'll ask the current translator if he wants the backup.
Please do not PM, IM or email me for support (they will go unread/ignored). Use the forum for support.
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2012-05-12 15:35:20

Hello Willy!
I can help you or at least participate in French translation.
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2012-05-12 15:49:08

If a second person is needed I can also help with the French translation.
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