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2005-09-08 20:34:02

I see in the FAQ the steps to create a link for a signature line which includes stats.

In it I am referred to

The numbers are replaced with your own BOINCstats ID number. You can find this number on your BOINC detailed statistics page

OK -- sounds excellent -- but where is that page??

I can see my *results* on

But apparently that page is not my 'BOINC detailed statistics page' or if it is, the ID number is masked.

Is there a real URL to my 'BOINC detailed statistics page' or the special one which actually includes my 'BOINCstats ID number'?

If so, that would be a good thing to include in that piece of the FAQ.

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2005-09-09 03:33:20

You forget one important step:

1: Do a search on your name
2: On the results page, look for your name under the BOINC project.
3: Click on the blue-ish icon under options on the same line as your name
4: Then you see your detailed page. Your CPID is the first detail given.
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