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2011-02-03 07:23:11

Hi everyone,

At one point i had my iMac, 3 dell desktops and 4 laptops processing project tasks, but over time, these have been reduced to my iMac and 1 dell desktop.

They all ran at 100% of the time and now i have reduced the dell to nightshift only.

My 2.88GHz quad core iMac with 2TB HDD and 8G RAM was easily chomping numbers like a Lamborghini hurtling down an empty autobahn, but the CPU consistently ran at 75 degrees centigrade and fan would whirr at 3500rpm, cannot be good for the life of my iMac, so i have retired the iMac, which now idles 51 degrees centigrade and fan doesn't peek over 990rpm.

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2011-02-04 07:32:44

BOINC has a setting to throttle the CPU... I have my laptop set to 60% so it doesn't become a puddle of aluminum.

Also, make sure your case is good and clean; I give all of my systems a good vacuuming once a year. You'd be surprised at how much gunk accumulates in the CPU heatsync fins. I instantly see a drop of around 5C in operating temperature. I also replace the thermal compound between the CPU and heatsync every 2 years or so; it breaks down over time.
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