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2012-05-09 23:50:53
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More Companies are now trying to tap into the unused CPU power of the world and there getting payed for it but they are atleast going to share a tiny amount of what they get paid by offering rewards to users, the new projects going to be called
Charity Engine
hmmm creative name if its JUST for Charity then fine but there already getting paid by firms for work (hope it falls flat on its ass)
i hate companies that earn £1000's of £/$ then have a nerve to ask and want to use our idle power for there own gain

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2012-05-10 11:29:19

It actually shares everything. Half the profits go to charity, half to the users. Charity Engine keeps no profits for itself.

It has to do work for companies, that's where the money comes from. And because it gives it away to the users and the charities anyway, any task is now a worthwhile task.

(And any researcher can now tap into volunteer computing without worrying if they'll get volunteers.)
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