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2013-01-17 07:43:08

I dont understand the values listed on
Can anyone please make me understand the relation between the values?
I would also like to find out how can I get the project with the most credit or the least credit.
Wouldn't it be useful for the project owners to sort projects as per the credit provided.
If some projects require tasks to be completed within deadlines they might just increase credit
to attract more Boinc'ers. Anyways, ascending-descending ordering of projects according to credit
would be very useful
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2013-01-17 09:03:01

Project credit comparison between Project X and Project Y on shared hosts

Lower than 1: the base project offers less credit per CPU second
Higher than 1: the base project offers more credit per CPU second

A quick view learns that Climate Prediction has the least credit and GPUGRID the highest per CPU second.
For GPUGRID you need a high end NVIDIA card to achieve that, because bonus credit for fast returners.

WUProp@Home gives even a bit more credit per CPU-second, because it's a non cpu intensive project, gathering data about BOINC projects, -tasks and hosts.
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