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[BOINCstats] Willy
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2016-02-28 04:59:49

Comments on the following newsitem

<blockquote class='postbody'>Enough is enough. I am exercising my right to choose not to crunch this project anymore, and in deed will advocate to others to be careful in your judgement.<br />
<br />
Rob the Admin of this project have not said anything in the News since 26 Sep 2015. Does it take too much of his time to say a few words? Since that time users in the message board have complained, pointed out problems and bugs to no avail for it has been stated that he is too busy looking after another project. Alpha project or not, this is no way to run a project and since he does not appear to care, why should I waste my time and money to support him.<br />
<br />
The final straw that broke the camels back is that this project is not NCI for My harddrive is being thrashed and am running out of disk space. Evidence suggests that it is caused by this project. Is my machine being used for something other than what it is stated?<br />
<br />
Keep on crunching and have a nice day...</blockquote><br />
<br />
+1, its always the same, no feedback or any news from the admins or a status, thats the dead of a project. This is not the first time...
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2016-03-01 18:32:38
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My vote is go cry somewhere else.

It's an alpha project, one should expect bugs, interruptions, and issues. Run at your own risk.

It's non-cpu intensive, can run along other projects. When it works, it like free RAC. And it works more than it doesn't aside from the server task needing an occasional kick. This sentiment not including the recent disk crash, which well, HW goes bad. This isn't the first or last project to suffer a crash of HW or DB.

Lastly, there's choice. As in if you are hypersensitive to bugs, performance, reliablity, well then don't choose an alpha project.

This is indeed a side project for the dev. That is clearly stated. I think someone's expectations might be too high, and as written, take your camel and it's broken back to another project. More for the rest of us.

2 cents
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2016-03-09 03:05:56

The crash happened with absolutely no backups in place which shows for very poor planning and management. The admin still hasn't addressed issues that have occurred since pretty much day one not to mention that he hasn't bothered posting in the project forums for several months. NCI? Maybe most of the time, but not always. Forums users have posted about it. It also doesn't abide by BOINC's data directory. When I say this, I mean that if you place the data directory in a different place than the default location, this project will not place its files where you designated for BOINC to use. I have witnessed this on multiple systems. I have also witnessed this project consuming vast amounts of storage space on random hosts. I think 25GB was the highest I have seen so far.

Telling people to go elsewhere if they don't like it is childish IMO. Good admins care about their users and take the feedback good or bad and try to address the issues. The admin has done little to address users issues. These posters may not present the concern to your liking but the level of irritation can certainly be helpful to others trying to avoid such nonsense. It's projects like this that deter donors.
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