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[BOINCstats] Willy
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2016-03-06 10:45:05
last modified: 2016-03-06 10:46:19

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We have some new stuff for you to enjoy:
- New interactive charts.
- When signing up for new projects you can now submit an invitation code (if required by the project)
- New settings:
o Which combined stats is your default, with or without ASIC.
o Which charts to show, static or interactive.
o Do not show ads.
o Show or not show BOINC combined stats in the menu.

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2016-05-08 18:50:56

Hi Willy et al,
My 'economy' contribution to boinc is rapidly falling behind ever stronger contributors, so I was looking for a 'new year's boinc resolution'. I decided to make my pie charts as colourful as possible. This meant getting my secondary projects above 1% - both total and RAC. It all started well - until suddenly the pie charts didn't just show down to 1%, not even 0,1%, but all the way down to 0,01%. So much for my target !
Since then I have been looking at the chart changes. The detail on the pie charts is quite impressive I'm not so please with the bar charts. The 3-D effect does not enhance readability, and the choice of precise figures for top/bottom/scale (rather than say 3 significant figures) hides milestones. The functions used to generate the new charts seem to be inefficient - there is usually more than one way to skin a cat
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