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2017-03-07 14:03:38

Comments on the following newsitem

Journal post from David Baker
NOVA recently featured some of the work that all of you are contributing to: (the 8 minute segment on our work starts at 20:30)

The Economist also had an article on the work you are contributing to:

Your contributions are highlighted particularly clearly in the Geekwire article:

which is titled "Big data (and volunteers) help scientists solve hundreds of protein puzzles"
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2017-03-08 18:19:15

Your link to returns a 'server not found' error. The rosetta@home project has been effectively offline for a couple of days, though it isn't clear from your comment if it has any relationship to the downtime.

So far I've been unable to find any substantive news about what is going on, but if it is a DNS problem (per certain rumors) perhaps it might be possible to work around it? Map the hosts file to a specific IP address for a few days?
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2017-03-08 20:42:50


About Rosetta@Home and their DNS issues, this is from their twitter feed:

Rosetta@HOME‏ @rosettaathome 23m23 minutes ago
We're doing everything we can to get the slow moving to get this resolved and active again.

Rosetta@HOME‏ @rosettaathome 24m24 minutes ago

We started the steps to getting it verified Monday afternoon. What should have been a 10 minute procedure is now stretching into 2 days.

Rosetta@HOME‏ @rosettaathome 26m26 minutes ago
Due to a registration verification lapse our registrar ( ) and ICANN turned off DNS for .

Rosetta@HOME‏ @rosettaathome Mar 6
We are experiencing DNS issues with which may take a day to resolve. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Rosetta@home on TWITTER:
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2017-03-09 03:08:47

Not recommended, but you can add this to your hosts file to get to the main server. (Don't forget to delete it.)

That won't fix everything, but at least you can see the news and the forums, but right ow there is no news there.

Let me remind you again not to leave garbage in your hosts file.
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