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2019-09-28 04:13:39

The Project has posted under news that they are now GDR compliant and that users will have to Opt in to have stat's released.

The project has now completed it's work on GDPR compliance. This has a number of effects:
- New users will only be able to create an account via the web site.
- Existing users will be asked to consent to the project terms and conditions next time they login to the web site.
- For all users there will be a new preference in the project preferences: 'Do you consent to exporting your data to BOINC statistics aggregation Web sites?'. By default this become 'No'. If you wish to continue to have your statistics exported to the BOINCstats site, you will need to logon to the website and go to and select the tick box.

Bill F
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2019-09-28 12:46:51

Thanks for sharing this.

Hopefully people don't think they have to post here that they've done the setting, as happened on another thread!

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2019-09-28 15:08:27

I wonder if they will continue their policy of renaming inactive users to "old_user12345" after this implementation. I think they rename inactive users after 2 years or so.
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