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2020-06-02 03:22:05

Comments on the following newsitem

This was discussed in another thread, and it just occurred to me I should post a news item with more explicit instructions.<br />
<br />
The issue is that the BOINC client comes bundled with SSL certificates and these expired earlier today. Here are the basic steps to fix the problem. (Note: this works on linux and I see no reason why it shouldn't work on Windows too.)<br />
1. Download the new "ca-bundle.crt" file from here:<br />
<a href="!AsVDg7OAm7-whqEqBXKHuOie0UoBKA?e=VHwBAP" rel="nofollow">!AsVDg7OAm7-whqEqBXKHuOie0UoBKA?e=VHwBAP</a><br />
2. Replace the old ca-bundle.crt file with the new one (it should be in your BOINC root directory).
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2020-06-02 03:24:11
last modified: 2020-06-02 03:25:28

A patched version of the BOINC Win 64 Client has been moved to "Recommended" status which fixes the Issue.
The issue affected NumberFields and LHC and Rossetta.

Version 7.16.7

Bill F
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