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2008-10-19 00:14:16
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Hey Willi,

I can offer you a 48-HE-Rack in Berlin, Germany. My best friend worked a long time for a media company which is building now a new datacenter. Since some weeks I'm helping with the administration of the servers. We have there some free Racks and an 1-Gbit-switch with direct connection to the Versatel-Backbone (problem-free upgradeable!). The serverroom has air condition (ca. 20°C) and is completely on a big UPS. We are often in the near of this datacenter and the owning company has is office above in the same building. That means: if there is a problem which can't managed remotely there is in a short time somebody at place From the 1 Gbit we use at moment about 40-50 Mbit, I think in a year it would be about 200-300 Mbit avarage during the day and as I sayed, we could upgrade.

If you are interested, please send me a mail, I can ask next week for prices.

PS: we have some cheap servers in this center, but one is of this sort, you could need for BS/BAM: 2 HE Dual-Quad-Xeon with 8 GB RAM, 5.5 TB HDD, IPMI-card, 2x 1Gbit LAN etc. This machine has cost some above 3k€, but: it's a server, not the 19"-desktop-hardware which you get from the big hosters This server has a traffic above 100GB a day and (without BOINC ) an avarage load of 0-0.2! Believe me, an AMD X2 (ore Dual-Core Opteron) will fit your wishes too if you only use a real server-mainboard ...
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2008-10-23 11:05:10

Monday 27-10 the servers are moved to the rack.
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2008-11-22 14:55:34

Probably you know nedzone?
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