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2009-12-30 04:05:21

Comments on the following newsitem
Lazarus-uk found a 68 digit record
prime factor which put us on the top of the top50
list of the lagest ever found gmp-ecm factors.
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2009-12-30 04:15:06

Congratulations Yoyo@Home, BOINC and lazarus-uk. I held the
ecm record during 2003-2009, with four record factors. A
57-digit prime (2003), then a 59-digit prime, then a big jump with
new ECMNET software to a 66-digit prime, then the previous record
p67-digit prime factor (2006). All of my records have been set
with Cunningham numbers. They've had so much ecm that most
current factors are being found by sieving. Please check out
NFS@Home for the BOINC version. -BDodson
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