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2010-09-21 14:26:27

Comments on the following newsitem
Yesterday, IBM and Tsinghua University announced the launch of Computing for Clean Water, a new volunteer computing project from China. CAS@home welcomes this younger brother. The project is part of the World Community Grid, which IBM supports philanthropically. See <a hrep="">WCG</a> to find out more and join the new project. If you are in China, please tell family and friends about the project, because WCG is easy to use for beginners, and there is good Chinese language information explaining the project. Also the Tsinghua scientists want to reach 100,000 new volunteers in one month!
Crystal Pellet
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2010-09-21 18:42:24

News Article

21 Sep 2010

Launch of the Computing for Clean Water Project
Kai Strang
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2010-09-23 07:30:58

Can´t be that "new", already got a gold badge there
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