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2016-08-22 13:43:43

Hi everyone,

I am using my pc for BOINC, but want to try overclocking. When I am sure it is stable, I also want use it for BOINC.
Now I was wondering the following: suppose I got the false impression that it was stable (but it is not stable), will I be notified if I produce erroneous results?
It would be waste to let my PC crunch if the results it produced are wrong, but I didn't know they are wrong.


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2016-08-22 14:29:57

Most PC's can NOT be overclocked with out possibly returning error(s) to a project - especially the PRIMEGRID project. Same goes for GPU's.

Overclocking a PC and/or GPU done incorrectly can lead to sudden or unexpected premature "death" to one or more major components (example: CPU, GPU, power supply, RAM, motherboard). It is NOT for the beginner.

BOINC will NOT notify you directly that one or more tasks are INVALID. You will have to go to the My Account page for each project you are running and look at the status of the tasks returned to the project.
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