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Familia Freitas Dias
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2016-09-16 15:59:24


I have installed BOINC on another computer. When I try to add this new machine to my account using the tools menu, after introducing the user name and the password, the cliente communicates with the account manager and I get this error message:"Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding !
Bytes: 0xFA 0x73 0x74 0x69".

After that I'm not able to download any of the projects I'm working with

I know I'm using the right combination of username anda password.

Does anyone have a suggestion to this problem?

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2016-09-17 13:07:42

Do you have any "special" characters like ú, í, ê in your username or password? That could be the problem. You can try to open a cmd-prompt and use the boinccmd-tool, located in your BOINC-directory. From the BOINC Wiki:
Using the Boinccmd.
To attach to your account manager from the command line using Boinccmd, simply issue the command
boinccmd --join_acct_mgr URL name password
So for BAM! it's:
boinccmd --join_acct_mgr username password

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