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2016-10-22 04:12:27
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Is it more efficient to have multiple (3-4) projects on each client or to have each client dedicated to one project?

Thanks for the advice,

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2016-10-22 11:51:45

Imho it's more efficient to run all the projects on all hosts. If one of the projects has no work, the host will do work for another project. With only 1 project per host the host would be idle if that project has no work. With the resource share setting you have influence which project(s) are preferred if all projects have work.
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2016-10-23 14:32:02

I think the most complete answer to your question requires knowing more about your hosts, what projects you're interested in, and how closely you want to watch and manage the work you do. In addition to OS requirements and efficiencies, some projects require large amounts of RAM, some require the ability to run virtual machines, and there are even differences based on CPU technology. That being said, most of those differences are subtle and probably not that meaningful to a lot of volunteers.

So, unless you're interested in customizing your hosts' hardware and software and closely managing the work you do, TVS's suggestion to run all your projects on all hosts is good advice.

Happy crunching!

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