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2017-09-19 09:26:56

Hello i download Boinc 3 days ago and i can't add a project because i can't create a new account and i connect with bam account and the same thing Boinc don't want add a project ... i wan't participate at Seti@Home project i even create account in Seti Home Berkeley website but Boinc doesn't want add a project. Soirry for my English i'm from France. Please help me !
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2017-09-20 00:33:38

Hey Ganesh97,
If you go to your host list here in your BAM menu, on the left pane, and click your host (computer), are you then able to attach seti through there? Or did you already try this?
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2017-09-20 03:15:03

If you are trying to add a project to BAM! through this website, you must use the same email, username, and password as you do at the projects. Otherwise, the website will not be able to manage your project account(s) for you.
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