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James Bradshaw
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2019-06-12 02:05:48

If I have posted this in the wrong place, flog me and tell me where to post: I am running two PCs for SETI projects only. Up until today tasks would show SETI@homev8.08(alt)files, (OpenCL_nvidia_SoG) files, and 0.00424CPUs+intel_gpu files. Yesterday the 0.00424CPUs+intel_gpu files stopped processing with this notation after the file name: GPU(Missing)but the other file types continued to be processed. The fact that two PCs suffered the same event, I doubted the problem was with the PC, but I ran diagnostics which came back with no faults in hardware, CPUs, etc. After consulting with a SETI friend, I reset SETI on one PC (I did NOT delete it) and now the list of files awaiting processing no longer has ANY files for intel_gpu. That is a sizable loss of processing. I left the other PC as is, and it is still showing processing of the specific file at a stop (GPU Missing). Any ideas to resolve? (Note, I have two laptops running both SETI and Einstein, neither with Nvidia, and both of those are running intel_gpu files as always. Thanks.
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2019-06-15 00:10:39

Looks like your Intel GPU-driver has crashed or a windows update installed a version which is not suitable for SETI tasks. Check your BOINC startup logs for possible messages. Best to ask the same question on the SETI forum at
Dirk Broer
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2020-08-11 13:13:13

Windows or Linux? With the latter you can choose between the OpenSource Beignet driver and the Neo driver that you can download via GitHub.
If it is Windows I'd try a new install (perhaps you might even try to update the intel gpu driver in windows first before doing a complate re-install).
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